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Experience the allure and romance of Michael’s first album – a sultry new take on the classics of the Great American Songbook!


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With Michael After Hours – by Julie Powell

Listening to With Michael After Hours is like popping a cork on a rare bottle of wine to partake of something quite special – something which has become even more valuable and desirable over time. For fans of The Great American Songbook Michael d’Addio and a select group of musicians, including a Julliard-trained arranger/musician, have not only revived those beloved songs but re-imagined and re-recorded them in a dazzling new double cd set.

Familiar as some of the selections may be, the superb vocals and accompaniment bring new life and sparkle to their timeless and classic appeal as exemplified in his rendition of the 100 year-old Hoagy Carmichael classic, “Stardust”. The release of these carefully chosen, romantic hits is a soothing balm for unsettling times and a welcome respite when it is time to relax and unwind.

Michael d’Addio’s singular vocal ability is but one of his outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment and the performing arts. Preceding With Michael After Hours was a demo cd which, despite a limited production of a few hundred copies, created such a buzz that every copy was snapped up in no time. Happily, for new fans, some of them have been re-recorded for With Michael After Hours.

Michael d’Addio has not only won accolades for his singing, but also garnered attention over a lengthy career in Hollywood as an award-winning producer and director. Some of the highlights of his career were as the Associate Producer, Casting Director and Director of Post-Production for the two Emmy Award-winning NBC mini-series, Marco Polo (1982-83), and A.D. (1985).

Having lived, worked, and succeeded in star-lit circles from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and from New York City to arts centers in England and Italy, Michael d’Addio made a bold change in his personal and professional life by moving to the majestic Andean mountains of Ecuador. There, his creative drive re-ignited just as the pandemic shut down the world. Undeterred, he did whatever it took to create his latest cd. Sneaking out during lock-down under cover of night, and being chased by wild dogs whilst trudging over muddy fields and unpaved roads to get to the recording studio, was a mere inconvenience along the way.

Michael d’Addio’s powerful yet velvety baritone delivers a listening experience of such rich sound, sophisticated timing, and seemingly effortless transitions that the listener is deftly led into the highs and lows of romantic love. Listeners experience the visceral thrill of attraction (“Close Enough for Love”), the joy of being in love (“My One and Only Love”), and the moodiness that surfaces when love fades (“Guess I´ll Hang My Tears Out to Dry”). “The Very Thought of You” evokes pure adoration, while “Fever” sizzles with jazzy, syncopated heat. “Quiet Nights and Quiet Stars,” Antonio Jobim’s hit, originally titled “Corcovado” (1960), is bound to have listeners gently swaying to its sultry and sensuous rhythm and “All My Tomorrows” makes for a perfect slow waltz with someone.

According to a lifelong friend, Michael d’Addio summons something extraordinary within himself whenever he performs. This artist has a gift which he has mined, refined and perfected for years. His recorded work is no less magical, giving one the sense that he feels the music resonate within his entire being, and delivers each song with consummate artistry, passion and verve. Thanks to Michael´s impeccable taste, talent and timeless voice, With Michael After Hours is a gem of uncommonly broad appeal which will never go out of style – certainly not for this listener. This music and performance stays with you. To quote the legendary composer, conductor and arranger, Lalo Schifrin, a 6-time Grammy-winner and 6-time Oscar nominee: “Everyone should listen to Michael d’Addio, an extraordinary performer who makes a great contribution to the musical arts.”

~ Julie Powell – Author, Editor & Publisher – August 2021

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